achieve your leadership objectives & career goals faster with coaching

Foundations Program: Individual Coaching Tailored to Your Challenges

Gain clarity on the leader you want to become. Then tackle the challenges you're facing by building a portfolio of skills essential for success as a mid-career professional. Effectively apply your new leadership skills.


  • 12 one-hour Coaching sessions over 4 months

  • Complimentary Exploratory Session

  • Personal Coaching Locker (cloud-based) so all your coaching materials are just one-click away

  • Define your Leadership Objectives & anchor them to your Values

  • Understand your Strengths with VIA Character Strengths Assessment

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  • Develop your Leadership Vocabulary

  • Strengthen at least 4 leadership skills (tailored to your leadership objectives)

  • Learn new Tools & Frameworks helpful for mid-career professionals

  • Practice then apply learnings in your daily leadership actions

  • Evaluate Wins & Losses from your leadership actions via RACE methodology

Inspirational Program: Individual Coaching + Highlands Ability Battery

Identify and leverage your natural abilities. Equip yourself with a comprehensive set of leadership skills, tools and frameworks key to life-long success. Become the inspirational leader you have always dreamed of being.

All elements of Foundations plus:

  • 18 one-hour Coaching sessions over 6 months

  • Understand and leverage your natural abilities through the Highlands Ability Battery

  • Utilizing Dr. Lance Secretan's The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch, dive into the CASTLE® Principles that form the foundation of Inspirational Leadership

  • Strengthen or learn key leadership skills

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  • Explore your Values in-depth with True Values

  • Evaluate your 9 Environments to identify needed upgrades

  • Develop a broad Leadership Vocabulary

  • Understand and utilize an expanded set of leadership Tools & Frameworks

  • Practice and improve new leadership actions through Role Play before taking them live

  • Optional one-hour coaching session two or more months after program's conclusion (no expiration date)

Team Leadership Program: Workshops + Highlands Ability Battery + Coaching

A four-step, high-tech, high-touch approach starting with the Highlands Ability Battery and extending to team workshops and individual coaching sessions.


  • Highlands Ability Battery, which reveals team member's natural abilities, personal style, decision-making approach and best learning channels

  • Customized reports which connect natural abilities to team member's roles, responsibilities and opportunities for skill development

  • Team debrief on the Battery, paired with leadership exercises that illustrate the advantages and challenges of different abilities

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  • Individual coaching sessions where employees discuss current challenges and identify opportunities to leverage abilities and build skills to compensate for weaker abilities

  • Team workshops and individual coaching utilize Highlands Whole Person Model

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"The combination of Play Life Win method and strong business know-how made every coaching session with Will a real chance to get out of my comfort zone."

Chiara Polverini, Senior Change Management Consultant, Workingwell

“I have taken a lot of assessments. The Highlands is the most comprehensive and speaks to a lot of different areas of leadership and teamwork.”

Reach out and let's identify your leadership objectives & career goals in a complimentary coaching session.

Will Keller

Founder & CEO - InterActive Global Coaching & Consulting